Daniel Jerry Krebiehl XVIII (danisphat2) wrote in ynrock,
Daniel Jerry Krebiehl XVIII

letter from dan

hey everyone

this is dan. you all know me as the rather large, loud, screaming, singing, rocking out rhythm guitarist in yesterdays*news. well, now i should say you once knew me as that. As of recently, the relationships between myself and the four other yesterdays*news members have soured. I found myself growing distant, as well as them distant from me. I had been tossing around the idea in my head of leaving Y*N for a long time now, and the other guys had their idea of that as well. Eric, Ben, Andy and Jeff have decided to let me go from Yesterdays*News.

So what happens?
well, to my knowledge the boys are replacing me, and changing their name. I'm sure you will be hearing from them soon. Now, just to make this perfectly clear - there was never a fight between me and the guys at any point. We simply have different personalities and different ideas for the future. I want you all to know that these guys are looking out for the band. Just what I always wanted them to do. I've done my job here. I tried to do everything I could to make this band successful, and it definately was. I'm sure you all know I started Y*N as a solo project and later found members to play. This band has been one hell of a ride, and on top of that - a lot of fun. I played 40 shows total with Yesterdays*News, and I am incredibly proud of them. This is what we all wanted, and I'm glad they're going to pursue it, even without me.

I am hurt by this, I am upset - but it will be for the best. These boys know how to rock. and dont for one minute think I wont be at shows watching from the audience. Be sure to look for new projects from me as well.

So, I want to thank you all for your constant support of me in Y*N, and making my dreams come true. You all made this band an amazing thing to take part in, and I ask that you will support them for moving on.

Thank you so much, everyone.

Dan Krebiehl
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